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~ Silk Wrap Skirt ~

Thank you for your interest in our amazing wrap skirts!
Each of our beautiful skirts are made using recycled sari silk from
India. The sari has been worn by women for thousands of years and
now there is this new twist on a classic style of dress. Our products are
also ecologically friendly. We support Fair Trade, giving jobs to
numerous employees in India who gather used saris then choose the
fabrics to make a skirt. They are then cut and sewn together to make a
unique, one of a kind skirt.

Milliana Wrap Skirts are amazing because
they can be worn 100 different ways!


These unique silk skirts offer an array of possibilities for wear.
Simply by reversing them or arranging their fabric layers, you
can create distinctive dresses, skirts, tops, and wraps suitable
for any occasion. And, they make an ideal travel item. Each skirt
is made with two layers and each layer is made from a different
piece of fabric. This means that no two skirts are alike. We offer
suggestions on how to wear your Milliana Wrap or you can
design your own creation with your wrap.

Milliana Wraps are one size fits most, from size 0-14...  but they are all
the same waistband width at about 48-50 inches. We offer three
lengths. Each length offers you the ability to make the perfect outfit for
your personal style.  We now carry Plus size and Maternity size in

"Short Length" is a miniskirt wrap that is around 20-22 inches from
waist to above the knee. This is the most popular style to make a cute
top, sarong, shirt, shawl and more.

" Mid Length" is a wrap that falls just below the knee for most. It is
about 26-28 inches from the waist to below the knee. It can be worn as
a top, skirt, or short dress.

Long Length" is our most versatile wrap. It is about 34-36 inches in
length. It can be worn in many ways as a dress. Sun Dress, Evening
Gown, use your imagination and create your own design with this
wrap. Flattering on small and large bodies alike.  

Now available are our new WRAP PANTS. Sometimes called
Thai fisherman pants, these comfortable pants have two or more
patterns and fabrics made from recycled sari silk. They are
reversible and can be worn 8 ways!!!

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